What to look for in an HVAC company?

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When looking for an HVAC company there are a few things to consider. Price always comes to mind as the first concern. When pricing out different companies, it is always diligent to know what is included in the price. Different companies will give you quotes for different things on the same job and can be very misleading. Ask questions about the quotes and what they include and do not include. When getting multiple quotes, it is a good idea to ask the companies for specific information on what they are quoting. An example would be the brand name of equipment they are installing, or what type of filters are included on a maintenance contract. 

If one company is quoting out an expensive high-quality unit and the other is quoting a much cheaper unit, the quotes could be very different and misleading as to what you are getting for your money. The prices from different companies can vary a lot and can be overwhelming when trying to choose the right company. The quality of the company is the most important factor in the price.

If the company has a good reputation along with a talented staff and a depth of knowledge on your equipment you can save a ton of money in the long run by having the right company in your building over having the cheapest option on paper. Ask the companies questions about your system and they should have your answers. If they do not have answers for you or they say it’s “complicated” they are most likely trying to mask the fact that their knowledge of your equipment is lacking.

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Check reviews online if possible and read what is said. If you notice several reviews that look suspicious or from the same last name as the owner, you can most likely bet that they are having family or friends putting in fake reviews. Check the company’s website for pictures and see if they are actual pictures from the company or just images from the internet. It is nice to be able to see the work of the company that you will be paying before they do the work if possible. WATT HVAC specialists are trained, certified and knowledgeable when it comes to HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance. We specialize in commercial & industrial HVAC projects. 

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