How often does HVAC does systems need maintenance?

HVAC System and Equipment

An HVAC system needs regular care and maintenance to ensure it works consistently and does not require replacement all the time. Not only does HVAC maintenance have an impact on occupants’ health but it also helps detect early problems, which will help save costs on larger problems and ensure your building is running at its full potential.

Our team at WATT HVAC often receives that question from our clients. Please consult this guideline to ensure your system is working well at all times.

Most HVAC professionals in the commercial division say you should get your equipment inspected quarterly (every 3 months). We at WATT HVAC highly agree with this recommendation. Commercial equipment works harder and more often than equipment in your house and is subject to more wear and tear. Keeping your system clean and addressing problems before they become bigger problems will save you not only long equipment downtime but also costly unneeded repairs.  Depending on the type of systems in your commercial building, there are seasonal considerations that should be performed at appropriate times. Whether you have a cooling tower that needs to be winterized or a chiller that needs its tubes punched, there are optimal and non-optimal times to complete these jobs. You do not want to have to shut down your entire building cooling in the middle of summer to be doing repairs or maintenance that could be done in the fall or winter. The same goes in the winter, you don’t want to be shutting down your heating system in the winter if it is something that could be done during the cooling season. Thinking ahead and planning for these circumstances ahead of time can prevent a lot of headaches and complaints.

Most HVAC companies offer this kind of service. Generally speaking, most of them will come with a standardized checklist, including inspecting, cleaning, testing, changing a filter, etc.

At WATT HVAC, we provide thorough HVAC maintenance to ensure early problems are detected and the system is running at its best capacity.

Here is an essential checklist of what is involved in an HVAC maintenance appointment performed by WATT HVAC on a typical piece of equipment:

  • Inspect and change filters
  • Check belts for cracks, tension and wear replacing where necessary
  • Thorough visual inspection of all moving parts
  • Clean air intake grills on units, motors and building grills etc were needed
  • Check, clean and prime condensate drains
  • Check fan blade rotation
  • Checking pressure differential
  • Check airflow through coils and grills
  • Check thermostat settings and adjust for customer comfort and energy savings
  • Visual inspection and cleaning of all electrical connections and controls
  • Running systems through a sequence of operations and testing function
  • Checking discharge air temperatures in heating and cooling depending on the season
  • Checking heat exchangers for cracks wear and buildup
  • Inspecting flame quality in heating mode
  • Inspection and cleaning of burners/heat exchangers when needed
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Inspect, and clean exhaust outlets
  • Check for refrigerant, oil, water, and gas leaks
  • Inspect piping for cracks leaks and wear
  • Inspect insulation on piping and panels for wear and tear
  • Coil cleaning when needed
  • and more!