Humidity control is very important in certain applications. Pools, archive rooms and server rooms are some of the applications where humidity control is very important. Running rooms with too high or too low humidity can cause buildings to rust, precious archives to be damaged and electrical equipment to fail. 

Why hire us for dehumidification installation? 

  • We adopt the most advanced systems for indoor pool applications 

With commercial indoor pool applications, we work with the leaders in manufacturing of the most technically advanced systems that are on the market today and we can specially engineer a unit for your application. From ventilation only to heat recovery with high efficiency speed driven equipment we take your budget and operating concerns into account when putting together a proposal. 

  • We provide the best cost-efficient options 

If it is long term cost savings or initial cost savings on installation, we can find the right solution for your needs. With archive rooms, having the proper humidity levels can be crucial to the preservation of ancient pieces of art. With server rooms, expensive computer equipment needing to function at all hours of the day and night is crucial to running the business. 

  • We customize our humidity control solutions for each project 

Finding the right solution for every project is very important and sizing the system for the future can save large costs in the future. We at WATT HVAC are problem solvers and find innovative solutions for every type of install. We will recommend the best type of system for your application and install it with care. 

We are excited to provide you with all of your humidity control needs. 


What our clients saying about us

Glenn Morgan

Watt HVAC suggested a cost effective solution when our boiler failed. They supplied and retrofitted a new boiler using all of the existing plumbing thereby saving us thousands of dollars. All of the work was done in a highly professional manner. We could not be happier with the results and would not hesitate to call Watt HVAC if we ever need to have any other HVAC work done. We certainly recommend Watt HVAC.

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